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NBD Shoutbox

Shadowbane - 09/11/2014 - 18:22

TS is having issue after migration, use this ip to temp access our TS

Shadowbane - 09/11/2014 - 15:45

The Website and TS are under heavy Mait, everything wil1 be back to normal soon!

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ArcheAge Server Status

Here you will find a list of Never Back Down members. They are listed based on the game they play, their rank, and their donation status. 


Member Name Member Rank Member Donations Rank Abbreviation


Shadowbane Commander in Cheif N/A CiC
Mark Sub Commander Diamond SiC
Pigsticker Sub Commander Diamond SiC
CorpGhent Sub Commander Gold SiC
SupremeArbiter Sub Commander Gold SiC



Ash87 Officer Gold Off
Johnny Officer Silver Off
CyberCheese Officer Bronze Off
Killerhenchmen Officer Bronze Off
Hippiman Officer Bronze Off
Rity Officer Bronze Off



Shipley1111 Veteran Gold Vet
MadMike Veteran Gold Vet
ForgeWolf Veteran Silver Vet
Atlas2222 Veteran N/A Vet



Jb_aero Member Silver Mem
Winter.Net Member Bronze Mem
SpaceGhost Member Bronze Mem
Esparano Member Bronze Mem
Expes Member N/A Mem
Brak Member N/A Mem
Mudslide Member N/A Mem